Each day we go out into the world and use our talents and abilities to make our businesses, our communities and our country a better place. We prepare for this by working on ourselves first.

The business is limited by the Leader, so in order for the business to grow, the Leader must grow first.

Shauna Parsons

Shauna Parsons

A little about me.....

Started, grew and sold a home improvement company that contained a fantastic management team, incredible company culture and top notch reputation.

Growing and working on three more companies at different levels of development.

This was done over several years, with lots of mistakes, and lots of accomplishments.  Along the way I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do.  I love to share this information and help other business owners create strong, profitable businesses that they can be proud of.

My support team consists of business owners in the fields of marketing, graphics, web services, sales and remote team management.  Their experience and knowledge is ready for us to tap into.

Having known Shauna for many years in her roles as Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, and more recently as a highly successful entrepreneur, she comes with my highest recommendation. The business world is littered with people who can do some things well, but people who “get it” at every level remain a scarcity. Shauna has the big picture view and the real world understanding to make a business work the way it should, and has demonstrated that beyond a shadow of a doubt in growing her own companies. Considering her skills, combined with her vast network of resources, I can’t think of a better small business coach for those ready to take their enterprise to the next level.
— Luther Cifers, YakAttack
I run a nonprofit company and have been fortunate enough to work with Shauna Parsons and BlueStone Business on developing different strategies to better my business. I have been so happy with our time and work together and have already starting seeing positive changes in both the company and in the response from our customers. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to give their business a fresh start or take themselves to the next level!
— Ken Arpino, Wolfbane Productions