Say No

Business Owners are always being asked for their time, attention, and contributions on a seemingly endless array of issues. Some days we feel we are being pulled in many directions and feel stress to keep up with it all. On good days, we feel things are going well and we can do more, and say yes to more. Of course this only sets up more bad days in the future. Time is more valuable than money. If we lose money we can get more. But time is limited. If we promise it away, we have less time for things we want to use our time for – things that are important to our goals. 

When you say “YES,” often it’s not just “YES” and we’re done. Often the “YES” is followed up by meetings, forms to sign, emails, phone calls, and other action. “YES” can be time consuming and complicated. Have you said “YES” to too much? 

Challenge:  Knowing what you know now, what one thing do you wish you had said "No" to?   
The next question is “How do I get out, and how fast?” 

say no 3.jpg