Imperfect Action

We get bogged down in the idea that in order to get something done, everything must be perfect.  We halt our own progress by putting the requirement that it must be perfect.  Its unrealistic.  How can we expect that right out of the gate we can create a perfect finished product?  We can’t and our tricky brains know this.  We put an expectation on ourselves that gives us an excuse to not take action, to not take risks, to not jump in.  Maybe our brain is scared or wants to protect us from failure, but it is halting your potential. 

Quiet that part of your brain by assuring it that its okay if we create something that’s not perfect, we can always tweak it later.  TAKE IMPERFECT ACTION.  Get something done.  Its not going to be the best its ever going to be.  Its going to be good, and will work until you learn more and can improve it.  But in the meantime you have taken action and gotten something done.  If you wait until its perfect to do anything, you’ll be waiting a long time and missing opportunities.