What do you want out of your business?

What do you want out of your business? What is your business going to enable you to do…to have…to be?

Your business is a vehicle to get to where you want to go, as long as you drive it in the right direction.

http://www.TheSOE.com | Your desire at the start of your home contracting business to create a richer, fuller life can diminish as the day-to-day realities of running your business consume your time and energy. You want your business to give you more of a life, not take away more of your life.

The Discipline of Desire

In Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” he identifies desire as the starting point of all achievement.  Of course, he was not talking about any desire – but a desire for a positive result, outcome or personal goal.  

Why personal?

Because you started your businesses for personal reasons.  You wanted money, or freedom, or to be your own boss. There’s lots of reasons, and often more than one as to why you wanted to be a business owner.

In a Think Daily posting, Larry writes about “Disciplining Desire.”

He says, “We all have desires, but we have to discern which ones will take us to long-term success and happiness and which will only lead to problems for us.  Then we need to choose to follow the right ones and be self-disciplined enough to forego the wrong ones.”

Maybe it’s been a while since you thought about the reasons why you went into business for yourself.  Take time now to reflect.  Write down your reasons.  Make sure they are strong enough to get you through hard and harder times.

We all have desires, but we have to discern which ones will take us to long-term success and happiness and which will only lead to problems for us.  Then we need to choose to follow the right ones and be self-disciplined enough to forego the wrong ones.

“The discipline of desire is the backbone of will and character” – Will and Ariel Durant

Gratitude Tool

Being thankful for all the wonderful things in your life lifts your energy, but taking it further and showing gratitude to others for being or doing those things you are thankful for, lifts the spirits of others.


Want to make the world a better place? Start with showing gratitude to others and spread some positive energy.

Challenge: Show your gratitude to your employees, customers or co-workers. A hand written note works wonders, and some other ideas are lunch, snack delivery, leave early the day before a holiday, silly notes left on their white board. Use your imagination to come up with something they would like.

Click here for a handy Gratitude exercise:

Think Better

Organize your thoughts so you can organize your business.  Think better.  Clean up the mess in your mind. Right thinking leads to right action. Define the mission inside of you, then define the mission outside of you.

Business ownership is a thinking man’s game. Start with getting that right.

Challenge:  Take some time to clean up your mind.  Take a walk, go fishing, or just sit, but clear you mind. 


Doing it all yourself

 Have you tried to do it all yourself?

• How did that work out?

Trying to do it all yourself is a recipe for being overworked, frustrated, not getting things done well, and a business that is stuck. You can only scale your business if you have team members who help you – who are in charge of a given department.

Many business owners say that they are holding onto a job because “nobody can do it as well as me.” This may be true, but only if IT WAS THE ONLY THING YOU HAD TO DO. Because you have so many things to do each day, while you CAN do a great job at some things, you don’t, because you are rushed.

You have to delegate authority and build or recruit leaders in your company.

Challenge:  Identify the potential leaders in your company.  Who can take on more responsibility? 


Does your business own you?

Do you own a home improvement contractor business...or does it own you? Have you achieved all of your business and life goals, or are you still struggling to stay afloat? Are you content with your current growth rate, or would you like to take your company to the next level? 

Challenge:  Take some time to reflect on where your business is and where its going.  Decide if you are happy with the direction its going or if you'd like to change it.


Doing the Right Things

Often, the business owner is doing too many jobs to do anything very well. Being overworked prevents your income, personal satisfaction, and family goals from being met. Its in our nature to just "do it ourselves" but that thinking is part of the problem.  As your business grows there becomes not enough of you to do it all yourself.  It becomes important for you to determine what things are most important for you as the owner to do and what things you can and should train others to do.

Challenge:  Determine 2 things that you currently do that you can train someone else to do and make it happen.


Why Did you Start Your Business?

When we start a business we have reasons why we did so, and what we wanted to get out of it personally. But so often the business takes on a life of its own and we become slave to it, instead of master over it. A business is supposed to be a separate entity that serves its owner, not the other way around. In order to be happy as a business owner, we must have our personal goals met by the business. 

Take some time today and think about why you started your business and what you wanted to get out if it.  Knowing where you want to go is the first step in getting there.


Say No

Business Owners are always being asked for their time, attention, and contributions on a seemingly endless array of issues. Some days we feel we are being pulled in many directions and feel stress to keep up with it all. On good days, we feel things are going well and we can do more, and say yes to more. Of course this only sets up more bad days in the future. Time is more valuable than money. If we lose money we can get more. But time is limited. If we promise it away, we have less time for things we want to use our time for – things that are important to our goals. 

When you say “YES,” often it’s not just “YES” and we’re done. Often the “YES” is followed up by meetings, forms to sign, emails, phone calls, and other action. “YES” can be time consuming and complicated. Have you said “YES” to too much? 

Challenge:  Knowing what you know now, what one thing do you wish you had said "No" to?   
The next question is “How do I get out, and how fast?” 

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